Sep 2016 - June 2018


User Interviews

Sketching, Rapid Prototyping

Usability Testing

Personas & Scenarios


Designers & Product Managers


Problem: How might we foster a user-centered approach to product building at a fast-growing company?

Solution: Putting customers at the center of decision making process and building empathy for users by bringing together all important stakeholders involved in product development and customers.

My Role: I was part of a central user research team and worked on all product built at Freshworks. Specifically, as the lead user experience researcher for the Freshdesk, I contacted customers, scheduled and facilitated 100+ customer calls, drove feedback sessions, conducted usability tests, participated in white boarding sessions and created prototypes to evangelize and put in place a customer-first approach to product building. I played a key role in Freshworks being recognized as an enterprise design leader. I also built Freshdesk’s Team Dashboard that saw a 30% increase in adoption.

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I have written in length about how I helped institute user research as a part of the product building process at Freshworks.

Every week, I scheduled calls with 3-5 customers, involved product managers, designers and developers in the calls, recorded the conversations, transcribed them and analyzed them to identify patterns and create personas that outlined the following: 

  • User background and demography

  • Primary goals for using the product

  • Workflows

  • Typical day, good and challenging days

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I learned that it was important to persevere and help share stories to build a culture of placing customers at the forefront when it came to product decisions.

Often it is useful to begin to help with the challenges at hand to win the trust of the team to bring more changes.

I got the idea to share some interesting messages throughout the office to create interest and excitement about personas and it caught everybody’s attention.

My research findings led to building a customizable team dashboard for Freshdesk that saw 30% increase in adoption by customers

My research findings led to building a customizable team dashboard for Freshdesk that saw 30% increase in adoption by customers


I worked on several interesting projects for different products of the Freshworks suite. My work was primarily focused on conducting user research for new features and updates to existing features. I also did wireframes and prototypes for concept development and hi-fidelity designs from time to time as needed.

To know about the details of the projects I worked on, email me.